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Optimum machine custom making system

Optimum machine custom making system

The “Wind” function requires provision of accurate positioning and proper tension; “select” function must combine both speediness and compactness; “cut” function is expected to ensure micron-level accuracy and high processing capability, and “measure” function needs accurate coordination between image information and mechatronics … by combining elemental technologies that must fulfill high requirements, we develop machines realizing a higher order of functions. Accumulating advanced, reliable technologies is the key to the creation of innovative machines.

Optimum machine custom making system
※Pushes Expansion

The experience and the capability to develop technologies accumulated through collaboration with many domestic leading-edge companies are our engine and our asset to create made-to-order machines. In each process of development, we conduct in-depth checks and discussions to resolve issues concerning cost, speediness, and compactness. For example, we worked on the manufacture of an electronic part whose size was reduced to half in three years. We create ideal machines ready to serve customers’ needs as soon as they are introduced.

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